From a sole proprietorship to a corporation with around 60 employees.

In 1960, Karl Bucher Snr took over a small carpentry outfit in Goldau and began specialising in manufacturing individual furniture and high-quality interior fittings. Soon the company was able to expand and, in 1982, moved to a new building on Sonneggstrasse.

In 1988, Karl Bucher Jnr took over the family business. In 1993, CAD and CNC technology was introduced and, just two years later, the sole proprietorship became a corporation. As the production plant in the middle of the residential district in Goldau it had made its home started to become a little too small, the search for a new location began.

In 2010, the production site was moved to Bernerhöhe in Goldau. Since then, the company has been continuously expanding. Today, we’re a team of some 60 employees and work with state-of-the-art technology.

The company is expanded in 1963.

In 1982, the spacious new building is completed.

In 2010, our new production site is ready.

In 2020, the new building signage is installed.


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