Gasthaus Albisgütli


A breath of fresh air for “Albisgütli”


Expert installation of a buffet, bottle shelves, wine cooler, back office and much more


Oak wardrobe furniture, bar buffet in polished chrome steel

Circular wardrobe furniture

Made of oak with moulding.

In the Albisgütli Gasthaus, architectural elements that had been lost over time became visible again after the renovation. The vaulted ceiling had disappeared for decades and now lends a new lease of life to the magnificent room. Skilfully implemented design elements give the inn that certain something. A balance between tradition and modernity – reinforced by timeless elegance.

Back wall of the bar

Five-meter-high bottle shelves.

Bar buffet

Made of polished chrome steel with integrated refrigerating buffet.

“Gasthaus Albisgütli shines with a new lease of life.”

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