Salquin Saal – Lucerne School of Music


Wall and ceiling panelling at the Salquin Saal at the Lucerne School of Music


Manufacture and soundproof mounting of the wall and ceiling elements


The ceiling and wall panelling is finished in varnished, lacquered beech

Assembly at a dizzying height

For acoustic reasons, we had to use very heavy materials. This meant all wall elements had to be mounted using special cranes with vacuum suction cups.

Salquin Saal

With the new Campus Südpol building, the Lucerne School of Music is getting a modern workplace and education building equipped for a wide range of uses and a chamber music hall that sets new standards in terms of acoustics and sound experience.

80 tonnes

Amount of material we used.

8.5 meters

Height of the ceiling assembly.

150 kilograms

Maximum weight of the individual elements.

“A concert hall places high demands on the acoustics and therefore on the construction techniques and materials used.”

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