A workshop full of tradition and innovation

With traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, we turn wood and wood-based materials, combined with a wide variety of other materials, into high-quality products.

Our experienced team shares a passion for excellent quality and an efficient workflow and, together with our CNC-controlled machinery with direct data connection, form are the basis for the high standard we place on all aspects of our work.

State-of-the-art machinery

Continuous investments in the latest technologies guarantee that we can continue to perform any task we are given and enable us to work efficiently and competitively.

Traditional craftsmanship or the art of crafting perfection

Despite the latest technology, traditional craftsmanship is still indispensable. Work is carried out in the bench workshop with great care, both with small machines and by hand, and the workpiece is prepared for surface treatment in the same way too.

Vertical drill and milling centre – implements series efficiently and precisely

5-axis CNC machine – enables free shapes to be milled

Vacuum press – new possibilities in deforming and bending

“Our wonderful craft of carpentry combined with curiosity and openness to the unknown serve as our daily motivation to face new challenges.”

Surface treatment – a creative element

With the appropriate treatment, a wide variety of materials can be used in interior design. From seashells and tobacco leaves to leather and simple OSB board, our team of surface specialists relishes implementing exciting ideas and challenges for our clients. They approach any kind of surface treatment aided by their expertise and intuition.

Specialists in processing acrylic stone

Having worked with and processed acrylic stone for more than a decade now, we have the necessary expertise to make the most out of this versatile material. This non-porous and hygienic material can be fitted together with no visible joins – and its creative uses are practically limitless. By heating up acrylic stone, it can be deformed theroplastically in all three dimensions. Our vacuum press allows us to find new and exciting ways of shaping acrylic stone.

Veneer processing or an instinct for wood

Each tree is unique. Our veneer portfolio is our pride and joy, consisting of 13,000 m2 of veneer in 50 different finished – all waiting for the perfect project. We select the wood together with our clients. Processing the veneer demands extreme precision and special expertise. A variety of different processing possibilities are on display in our showroom.