Discover new materials, special surface treatments, unusual effects, and research special features and find inspiration.

Besides the wonderful material that is wood, we process many others, such as stone, glass, fabric, leather, acrylic stone and many more. In our showroom you can find an inspiring selection of all kinds of material. A vast amount of samples give you an insight into completed projects and inspire you to make your own plans a reality. This is where ideas are born, solutions are created and consultations take place. Immerse yourself in the array of materials used in interior design.

Unique surfaces

Professional advice

From “A” for acacia to “Z” for zebrawood

Each sample has a history

Countless materials to compare

Certified wood to explore

Samples demonstrate the characteristics of a material, colour or level of gloss and fragments give you a sense of how a detail or profile plays in real life. For you, they serve as inspiration and a decision-making aid – for us they’re a tool to help clarify and articulate your wishes.


From planning to realisation

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